How Nintendo’s wisdom Saved my Dream Indie Game from Disaster – DevLog

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I came close to ruining my indie game BloodAndMead. I was too close to the project and didn't see the critical flaw which stared me right in the face. Thanks to a close analysis of Nintendo's Super mario design, I was able to rethink my coding implementation and save my game from the dumpster. This is [...]

3D programming in HTML5 using three.js Canvas and WebGL – PART 1 creating a rotating cube

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I have decided to start the new year by taking a closer look at 3D programming for the web via Canvas and WebGL. For those that don’t know, I am trained as a 3D modeler and animator, although I turned from those paths to focus on development. I now feel accomplished enough as a developer to turn [...]

Unity3D: Understanding auto execute events (JavaScript/UnityScript)

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Here I will be listing some of the important auto execute events used in Unity3D: Start() Start is called just before any of the Update methods is called the first time. Start is only called once in the lifetime of the behaviour. The difference between Awake and Start is that Start is only called if the [...]

Setup TypeScript on WebStorm IDE

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In this post i will be walking through the process of setting up TypeScript on jetBrains WebStorm IDE. Step 1. Download and install the latest  TypeScript SDK from the microsoft website http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34790 Step 2. If you haven’t already, download and install the WebStorm IDE from the Jet Brains website http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/ Step 3. Open Webstorm and select File > new [...]

HTML, CSS : Force verticle scroll bars

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Pages with varied content on different pages can often experience ‘content jumps’. This happens as the browser decides to add or remove the scroll bars, causing page content to move the width of the scroll bars. An unsightly event… The fastest way to stop this behavior is to force scroll bars to always be present. Read [...]

As3 Signals

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//declare the signal private var _sigSomthingHappened= new Signal(); // optional Data type for explicit coding incase you // want to pass along a specific argument with the signal when its dispatched // you can use any data type Strings, ints, numbers, value objects etc. private var _sigSomthingHappened= new Signal(String); //DISPATCH _sigSomthingHappened.dispatch(); [...]

List of screen resolutions and DPI/PPI for popular mobile devices

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In this post I am showing a list screen resolutions for popular devices, this list will grow and shrink as time goes by based on device popularity. You will find that most devices fall into a common resolution group, ie many android devices of 2010-2012 had a device res of 800×480 pixels, then in 2012+ they [...]

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