At Pixel Utopia, we LOVE as3, its a versatile language with some great development tools and a solid community.
Recently there has been a bit of discussion in the community about the future of AIR as a platform. The murmurs and speculation are closely related to Adobes PR, or lack of.

Alas, there are some alternatives which allow developers to target mobile platforms using as3, some have been around for a while, while other are new and are building up momentum.
It pleases me greatly to see that as3 as a language has a strong future ahead, with or without adobe.

If you haven’t already check out the following cross platform solutions which use as3.

Space Port

A video says a thousand words. (a very convincing video at that!) I might test it out on a small project and see out she rides.

Haxe NME

Have NME actually mirrors the as3 API and allows cross platform deployment across the whole platform spectrum (including windows phone).
The creators are always answering forum questions, and the general community seems helpful enough. The EXTRA bonus is that you can publish your content to Html5 (thats right..).
With that said, the HTML5 export feature is not perfect, and some ‘creative programming’ must be get the most out of it. But regardless.. it’s quite an accomplishment and will only get better.

Check out the showcase to see what people are doing with it.


As the name suggests its a 3D development solutions, and unlike Unity3d, it allows action script 3 development.
When Stage3D dropped, we saw a lot of ambitions 3D platforms making waves to use the adobe technologies. ie Alternativa.
I think what they were lacking (and the thing that made Unity3D so popular) is an integrated IDE.

This is exactly what Flare has.

With time, I will be extending this list and reviewing each individually and make note of their direction and progress.

Should you want to suggest some platforms for me to ad to this list, just leave it in the comments below.

Happy programming!