Recently I set-out on the journey of creating icons for a univeral app. The technical aspect is not so much challenging as it is time consuming.  There are currently eleven different size requirements for iOS alone.
Should I manage these different sizes in one PSD on different layers/smart objects and crop the canvas every time I want to export? should I manage each icon size in its own psd? What if I want to make a graphical alteration? how can they be updated globally?

These are tedious but important question as the wrong choice could bog you down for hours

Behold the free  App icon template  courtesy of the folk at Pixel Resort

Not only does this teplate let you add your icon once and update it globally. it shows what the icons will look like in their live environments.

It also gives you a myriad of different style presets, so you can have one of those cool frames around your icon which all the cool kids are doing

To top it off, there is an actions file which lets you export all the icon sizes with as few as 2 clicks! Step back Harry Potter

Download and start using it here, don’t forget to donate a buck or two to the boys who put it together if your project is commercially successful.




Recently I came across a new site which also does this through the browser, no Photoshop required!!!!