Zynga, makers of the Farmville franchise, has revealed an open-source project called PlayScript.
PlayScript is a true cross platform compiler for as3 developers, picking up the momentum where adobe has failed. It allows developers to target pretty much any platform, including iOS, Android, Windows 8, Desktop, as well as console’s and handhelds – as well as being compatible with frameworks such as Starling and Away3D. (CHA CHING!).

PlayScript also has an experimental html5/javascript compiler, which allows as3 developers to target browsers on mobile as well as desktop. Win Win Win. (I’m certain we will see some steady progress on this front). This could possibly render Haxe NME and other upcoming techs obsolete – Mainly because Zynga has the cash-flow to grow this product, and not donation dependent like many other open-source projects boasting the same features.

This news couldn’t have come at a better time and has basically been a response to Adobe’s lack of direction with AIR. After all the scrutiny Zynga has been receiving lately it’s a pleasant surprise to see them presenting the development community with this awesome gift. Kudos to you Zynga, you have really taken the reins from Adobe on this one, as well as filling a ‘true cross-platform’ void in the market.

PlayScript could be the elusive ‘Write once, publish everywhere’ promise that adobe never managed to fulfill.

Grab yourself a copy of github and have a crack. Keep in mind at the time of this post PlayScript is brand new, and thought functional, it should be approached as beta, but I’m sure we will see major updates soon.