I have recently become an author on the website Indie Game Buzz, a new hub for indie developers to hone their game dev skills and stay up to date with the latest news.

One of the article I have written is Tips for building your fame as an indie developer.

In the article I explain the importance of building a following and strengthening your profile as an indie developer (even if you are working on your first game).
I outline 5 key points that have personally helped me to increase my industry presence, and if applied correctly, will work for you too.

Below excerpt from the article.

“…So what does ‘fame’ mean for an indie game creator? Why is it useful and how can it be obtained?
On a basic level, fame as an indie gives you influence, credibility and lowers your marketing costs. This allows you to reach more players, get more downloads and ultimately make more money. In the crowded game market, it’s essential to try and forge a unique identity of your own; ideally a positive one.
Here are some techniques which will not only help you strengthen your profile, but will have a positive impact on the industry…”


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