It’s been a little while now since I wrapped up my last tutorial series, and I want to thank the readers who shared it around Twitter and sent me personal thanks. I love hearing how something I wrote helped somebody better their skills. We have all been there and are upgrading every day!

So,  to keep you posted with upcoming news.

I’ve started a new tutorial series showing how to make a Super Mario Bros 1 like game in Unity3d using the newer 2D toolset.

Here is a screen I took to show its all underway!




Ofcourse I will not be creating the whole game, (My fiance would not agree with this decision), but I will attempt to introduce the main aspects which make it Mario, including mushrooms, goombas, and those lovely green pipes.

So why Mario?  In my opinion, The original Super Mario Brothers had some of the tightest controls I’ve ever seen in a platformer, (which is interesting as it predates most). Now I can’t guarantee I can replicate it 100%, but I will do my best to re-create the original experience. It will be a great journey for us both I’m sure!

So please sit tight as I get stuck in. No ETA at this point apart from ASAP – I’m getting married in 2 weeks so it will slow things down a bit 🙂

Follow me on Twitter and i’ll let you know as soon as I have something up!